Flight model and physics

Dynamics config files (1.16.0)

Speech and sounds

EECH / EEAH game soundtrack

Author: Alex Cabel

Genre: electronic techno

Speech and sounds

Aero Elite game soundtrack

Source: Aero Elite: Combat Academy (PS2 game)

Genre: instrumental rock


New website announcement

Welcome to new EECH mods database!

If you are looking for some information about how to install original Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum – check How To Install page first.

For allMods installer instructions please read its description in mods list.

If you are mods author – take a look on How To Upload page, you will find some useful information there. If you see that any of your mods already listed – create new account, leave request for mod access and we will sort it out.

Feel free to leave a question below any mod, page or post on the website if you have any.

Speech and sounds

Russian speech (CIS side)

Models and textures

UI wallpapers

Custom wallpapers for main menu screen.

Utils and modding tools

allMods installer

allMods installer (Installer) is a Windows application, that can be used as Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum (EECH) game launcher and mods installer.

Why it may be useful

Installer provides several useful features for the players:

  • possible to add up to three different EECH versions and start each of them in one click
  • display list of available mods with statuses – compatible with current EECH version or not, update available for installed mod, incompatible mods selected for installation
  • detailed description and images available right in the Installer window (no videos or comments yet)
  • multilingual interface in plans; obviously not all content (like mods descriptions) will be translated, but at least here will be no language barriers for Installer and Website UI, manuals
  • test updates appear only if related option selected in settings
  • continuous installation process – Installer will get and unpack files of selected mods automatically, in proper order respecting dependencies
  • EXE and GWUT files can be selected before game launch
  • Quick access buttons for Installer data folder, selected game folder, EECH.INI
  • Installer executable self-update
  • news feed

Why it may be helpful for mod authors:

  • easy to sign up, no pre-moderation
  • possible to store all versions of same mod in one place
  • tools for custom page design
  • reliable images and files storage
  • you’ll be able to release mods in your local language
  • question-answer form
  • possible to notify players about new mod, release, version relisting
  • possible to release add-on for previous version of same mod, or for completely different mod
  • flexible engine that easy to adjust on request

Technical requirements

For installation process Internet connection is required, also .NET4.6.0 has to be installed in operating system, but usually it’s already available in modern Windows systems.

You have to give Administrator permissions to this program because:

  • It manipulates with files (download archive on your disc, unpack it into selected directory, store *.INI configs files in game directory and \Users\[CURRENT USER]\AppData\Roaming\EECH allMods\, change content of EECH.INI file)
  • It changes register value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Razorworks \ Comanche Hokum \ INSTALLATION PATH

Program developed by EECH Dev team, still EXE file checking for malicious scripts by Google Drive service continuously.

Settings page

Up to 3 different EECH installations can be configured, each of them has separate list of installed mods and predefined EXE/GWUT files values.

Each game has two configurable fields:

  • Custom title, you can change it anytime
  • Version number, normally generated automatically. EECH version 1.11.0 (GOG) and prior (CD) appear as Original. Be careful with  changing this option – with wrong value, version compatibility system will not work correctly.

And below three configurable global options:

  • Enabled Skip this page on next load means that Updates page will be loaded by default on next program launch. You still can access Settings page by clicking on relative menu item.
  • With enabled Allow test updates option, mods that not released yet will be available for installation. Be sure that you know game well enough to participate in testing.
  • With Store archives on local drive enabled program will not remove downloaded archives from your local drive after installation is completed. In this case you can re-install previously downloaded package quickly, but only if it was not updated since last time. It may be helpful if you are experimenting with mods often and making testing environment for that.
  • Folder icon next to last checkbox will open  [USER]\AppData\Roaming\EECH allMods folder where installer config file and downloaded archives are stored.

Updates page

In left section all available mods will be listed, including updates for Installer and packages. You can see status icons next to the name:

Already installed

Update available

Not compatible with current EECH version

Conflict with another installed or selected mod; dependency not met

On far right to the title you can see lock icons:

This mod not compatible with current version or already installed. But if you click on the icon, it will become available. This way you can re-install some mod, or ignore versions conflict.

This mod available for installation. But if you have it installed (manually or by allMods package before installer usage), you can click on the icon and this mod will become checked and unavailable. For example, if you are starting installer for the first time and have EECH 1.16.0 version already installed, you need to click on this icon next to allMods package 1.16.0 to make version control system work properly.

You can click on mod title and it’s detailed description will appear in right section. If title in slightly gray color – it has no additional information.

After you have finished with selecting mods, press Update button and check information that appear in right section. If you see some warnings – try to disable mods, that has conflicts, or add required mods in case of missing dependency. You can ignore such warnings if you are sure that it will work on your set up. After Confirm button press installation will be started. Each selected mod will be downloaded and unpacked one by one, after installation finish – list of available mods will be refreshed with new statuses.

News page

The Latest posts are listed here, same as on News page of the website.


Weapon ForceFeedback effects

Effects pack can be useful for everyone who using joystick with ForceFeedback capabilities (which is not equal to vibration).

You can use any effect special for each weapon but some rules exists:

1. Every effect is starting and playing until it ends. So do not make it too long – when you will try to activate same effect that is already playing, nothing will happen.
2. After enumeration all effects are separated so you need to make them end all in same time, otherwise unsynchronization will happen – shorter effects will go forward. But you still can use start delay.
3. Force feedback gain value doesn’t affect force, imported from FFE files.

Campaigns and missions Cockpit models and instruments Controls Flight model and physics GWUT and AI tweaks Maps Models and textures Smoke and explosions Speech and sounds

allMods pack

Enemy Engaged – Comanche vs. Hokum (EECH) is a combined forces realtime battlefield helicopter simulation.

The player pilots an attack helicopter inside a dynamic campaign. Instead of being confined to separate pre-defined “missions” like in so many other simulation games, it is possible to see the battle unfold across the entire battlefield in real time, without “load times” during missions. Your tasks in the game range from attack missions on enemy bases, FARPs and vehicles, close air support or interdiction of enemy air defenses, recon-missions to obtain photographic intelligence, down to simple transfer missions to replenish your forces.

Effective air defense simulations necessitate NOE (Nap of the Earth) flying and the use of terrain as cover, as well as making best use of the stealth characteristics of the Comanche helicopter. A “Mission Commander” feature allows players to define their own missions and ultimately control the battle strategy from a powerful interactive game map that integrates seamlessly with the 3D action. The entire battlefield simulation is fully networked and supports multiple human pilots on either side of the simulated conflict.

There are 9 helicopters modeled in the game that are flyable with their own cockpits, and seven of those have 3D cockpits. On the Blue side, these are the AH-64A Apache, AH-64D Apache Longbow, the RAH-66 Comanche, the AH-1Z Viper, and the OH-58D Kiowa. On the Red side, these are the Ka-52 “Hokum B”, the Ka-50 “Black Shark”, the Mi-28N “Havoc”, and the Mi-24V Hind. All other helicopters in the game are flyable, but they use a ‘default’ cockpit from the Apache A.

The game tries to be as realistic as possible, having features like the realistic engine startup procedure and the priority fire zones for example, while retaining the ease-of-use factor that makes it popular with players who are more interested in action than avionics. Support for innovative input devices like TrackIR allow for an optimal level of immersion. Combined with the truly massive environments that retain a realistic sense of scale.

Although the original game was released in 1999, the community has developed substantial graphics and gameplay-related enhancements, aside from stability and multiplayer improvements. The release of the game’s source code ensured that an active fan community grew in size, turning EECH into it’s current game.