Translating Installer UI

Installer uses gettext technique, which load .mo files as a translation tables. You can start to build new Installer language by yourself without special access, just follow these steps:

  • download allmods.pot file
  • open website
  • upload allmods.pot in poeditor’s file field
  • press POT button in top row to unlock translation area
  • select original language fields in top area one by one and type their translation in bottom area
  • once you finished, press green Save button and choose .mo option to download completed file
  • rename downloaded file into allmods-[LANGUAGE CODE].mo, like
  • place this file into \Users\[CURRENT USER]\AppData\Roaming\EECH allMods (folder can be accessed by clicking folder icon on Installer settings page)
  • start Installer program
  • type [LANGUAGE CODE] into Installer language field, for example – de_DE
  • check your translation, fix errors if needed; notice, that mods and news will be loaded in English until language will be added both in Website and Installer
  • you can share your .mo file with others or send it to developers so your translation will be included in next release.

Translating Website content

You can start to translate mods and news anytime. Author can translate his own mods, Editor can translate others mods without restrictions. When you are on Edit mod page, you can see Languages section at right top corner. You can translate English mod into your local language, or vice-versa. Type translated mod name in the field next to required language flag and press Translation icon (“+” sign).* Content Duplication option is enabled by default, so content, images, author and versions fields will be copied completely in translation.

* Remember, that only content and title are unique for translated mod – all other data like versions history, categories etc. are common for all translations, i.e. when you change category in English version of mod, it will be also changed in translated version.

Translating Website UI

You have to be registered as Author or Editor before request translation tools access. After you get it, you’ll have instruments that can be used for translation of both Website front end and Installer UI.

Translation process is quite simple and similar to Installer UI translation described in first step – you have a list of phrases, which should be translated one by one. When you’ll finish, just press Save and check website. If some errors appear – fix them same way, no further actions required to publish your translation – all visitors will have it available immediately.