How to install?

1. Before you can download mods with allMods installer, you need original Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum (EECH) to be installed on your computer.

If you have no installer yet, the easiest way to get it – buy this game in GOG online store. You can use your EECH CD as well, but it may cause some issues.

After game is installed (manually or using GOG Galaxy) you may proceed to step #2. If game was launched before update at least once, delete eech.ini file manually or just remove it’s content in text editor like Notepad (you will find Edit icon to the left of Play button in installer).

  • Be sure that you have disabled GOG Galaxy auto update feature, or it will overwrite your mods continuously!
  • You don’t need Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc (EEAH) to be installed since EECH version 1.15.4 or later.
  • You may need to download and install OpenAL from (Windows Installer)

2. Download the latest version of Installer manually and unpack allMods.exe. It can be placed on desktop, or in your Games folder near to EECH, but it’s not recommended placing it inside installed EECH directory.

3. Now you can launch Installer and follow these steps:

  • On first start, program will try to find installed game using registry value. If it installed correctly, you will see that version field above first game area already set.
  • If not, click on first game area. You have to find and apply game folder (which contain “cohokum” and “common” folders) manually. Ensure that version was detected properly, also you can change text label of this game.
  • Click on same game area again and you will see Update screen
  • Select which mods have to be installed (however, it’s recommended to install only allMods pack updates first, just to ensure that everything works well, and only after get other mods)
  • Press Install button and wait until installation process finished
  • Press Play button, Installer will be minimized
  • You will see EECH initialization page if everything installed correctly.

If you have problem with game launch, try each solution one by one:

  • Disable Windows XP/Vista/7/8 compatibly modes for COHOKUM.EXE (you can open game directory by clicking folder icon on updates page)
  • Set “fs=0” in EECH.INI (edit icon on updates page)
  • Set “3dreset=1”  EECH.INI
  • Delete \cohokum\playersv.bin and \cohokum\players2.bin files
  • Ensure that correct EXE ang GWUT versions selected on updates page

Read allMods installer instructions carefully if you are planning to use it frequently.

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Can Someone Help Me?
I Can Play But When I Change Resolution The Game Crashed, If I Use Windowed The Game Will Reset The Resolution

Hi, I also have a problem, every time I start the game it says it couldn’t open, and when I checked it says it is incompatible, can you explain to me how to make it compatible?

Good day! Just wanted to say, I think Download for Version 1.16.0 is corrupted somehow. Since every time I download that version, the installer will ‘skip’ the download and will quickly say the update is completed. However, whenever I opened the game, the game version will say that I’m still using original version… (1.11.1) I hope someone can fix it soon. Cheers.

Greetings even though i had installed the mod and was working properly after a day it is giving me a net framework error

Hey Fellas..! Great looking site and fantastic to see EECH still plugging along. Quick question – I followed all the install steps listed here, but I’m also getting that Microsoft .NET Framework warning box with the unhandled exception, so I’m unable to start the allMods process. The program comes up, but I can’t get it to hook to the directory. Looking forward to seeing this streamlined Mod Manager in action!

Hi! Sorry for inconvenience, it’s true that app throwing errors for some users. It will be fixed in near future, you can check out for update on weekends I guess.

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