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Enemy Engaged – Comanche vs. Hokum (EECH) is a combined forces realtime battlefield helicopter simulation.

The player pilots an attack helicopter inside a dynamic campaign. Instead of being confined to separate pre-defined “missions” like in so many other simulation games, it is possible to see the battle unfold across the entire battlefield in real time, without “load times” during missions. Your tasks in the game range from attack missions on enemy bases, FARPs and vehicles, close air support or interdiction of enemy air defenses, recon-missions to obtain photographic intelligence, down to simple transfer missions to replenish your forces.

Effective air defense simulations necessitate NOE (Nap of the Earth) flying and the use of terrain as cover, as well as making best use of the stealth characteristics of the Comanche helicopter. A “Mission Commander” feature allows players to define their own missions and ultimately control the battle strategy from a powerful interactive game map that integrates seamlessly with the 3D action. The entire battlefield simulation is fully networked and supports multiple human pilots on either side of the simulated conflict.

There are 9 helicopters modeled in the game that are flyable with their own cockpits, and seven of those have 3D cockpits. On the Blue side, these are the AH-64A Apache, AH-64D Apache Longbow, the RAH-66 Comanche, the AH-1Z Viper, and the OH-58D Kiowa. On the Red side, these are the Ka-52 “Hokum B”, the Ka-50 “Black Shark”, the Mi-28N “Havoc”, and the Mi-24V Hind. All other helicopters in the game are flyable, but they use a ‘default’ cockpit from the Apache A.

The game tries to be as realistic as possible, having features like the realistic engine startup procedure and the priority fire zones for example, while retaining the ease-of-use factor that makes it popular with players who are more interested in action than avionics. Support for innovative input devices like TrackIR allow for an optimal level of immersion. Combined with the truly massive environments that retain a realistic sense of scale.

Although the original game was released in 1999, the community has developed substantial graphics and gameplay-related enhancements, aside from stability and multiplayer improvements. The release of the game’s source code ensured that an active fan community grew in size, turning EECH into it’s current game.

allMods pack v1.16.2TEST

patch for v1.16.1

Downloads: 1217
How to install
EECH version required:
  • AH-64D cockpit UV fix (right CPG panel, knob)
  • AI fuel consumption calculation fix
  • AI helicopter slow down instead of being destroyed if out of fuel (until emergency landing not exists)
  • Amount of fuel recalculated for all AI helicopters in group on waypoint change (before take-off)
  • Missing translation values added
  • Digital EO stabilization for modern helicopters (Realistic avionics), or for all helicopters (Simple or Advanced avionics)

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.16.1

patch for v1.16.0

Downloads: 2619
How to install
EECH version required:

Mi-28 cockpit instruments

  • Havoc cockpit now has working needles for instruments
  • Left/Right Engine RPM shown in Rotor RPM gauge
  • Status Panel Lamps working
  • Threat Warning Display working (needs reworked as using Hind threat warning)
  • Warning Panel Lamps working
  • Master Alarm lamp working
  • Chaff/Flare lamps now working (including damaged state)
  • Weapon panel lamps now working (including damaged state)

Ka-50 cockpit instruments

  • Remodel of the cockpit, by Viper
  • Re-texture of the cockpit, by Viper
  • Additional switches, by Banita
  • Instrument needles for working gauges
  • Hud lens is now transparent
  • Wiper position is fixed
  • Collective lever animation and position fixed
  • Rudder pedals position fixed
  • Cyclic position fixed
  • Eject camera view fixed
  • EKRAN display added
  • Working weapon panel
  • Lamps added

Overall fixes

  • Wut text on startup screen moved
  • Menu screen title font changed to help it scale better
  • Ka-50N Night Shark upgrade with FLIR, the MFD video contrast upgrade

Flight model improvements

  • An air density fix
  • Hover-Hold “H” / Stable-Hover-Hold “SHFT-H” (Requirements: speed less than 40 knots and LET GO OF THE JOYSTICK to engage it)
  • Use “ALT-J” to lower the Hover Height and “ALT-K” to raise it (10 ft or 5 meters)
  • Use CTRL-H in hover-hold/stable-hover-hold mode to enable heading correction to active target or locked terrain point
  • Altitude-Hold “ALT-H” (no restrictions on engaging it) Basically a Helicopter cruise control, this is for nap-of-the-earth flying, but it switches to barometric altitude above about 300 feet (100 m). It also includes a speed cruise control, between 50 and 110.
  • A new Pop-Up maneuver “SHFT-P” (Toggles, Up 20 meters on the first press, down 20 meters on the second keypress)
  • Realistic Physics Settings for all of the flyable helicopters (these have been adjusted and all are correct now)
  • Heading dampener into the Hover modes, since there is no joystick deadband now.

Gameplay changes

  • New masterserver INI value 2 “Private game”
  • Simple realism restrictions removed (radars and EO can be used)
  • Manual cockpit light in 3D cockpits (Ctrl-V shortcut)
  • Loading different FARP object for each side (Reds – FARP_MAT_GREY.EES, Blues – FARP_MAT.EES)
  • SAM radar scan floor changed to cone (higher at far distance, lower in close range), scan range decreased for some units
  • Weapons added: Mi-6 12.7mm gun, Ka-29 GSH23L 23MM cannon pods
  • Static objects added for airfields  CIS_STATICVEHICLE_01-10, US_STATICVEHICLE_01-10, HESCO_01-10
  • Helicopter fuel amount calculation after mission started (amount of fuel, required to complete waypoints route + 25% reserve). If you are planning to spent more time in the air, increase amount of fuel clicking fuel indicator on Payload page before take off.
  • Difficulty and realism adjustments (check
  • Blade stall event replacement (no rotor damage, helicopter flip instead). No difference between helicopter types, just a simple way to prevent overspeed. If blade stall is disabled – only small shaking will appear.
  • Classic air density calculation function returned for helicopters FM
  • New INI variable dyad (global air density modifier, 0.5 – increase dynamics ceiling, 2.0 – decrease)
  • Eject event require Alt-E pressed twice. To stop eject process after single shortcut press – any camera button can be pressed, like F1
  • Power steering for CH-46 / CH-47
  • New INI variable unbind_jbuttons (disable default events for joystick buttons №1-4)

Fixed issues

  • The MFD Export issues
  • The joystick Deadband
  • Wrong helicopters weapon angles
  • FARP object damage tail rotor (FARP collision box became larger)
  • Masterserver connection error
  • AI helicopters does not consume fuel
  • Mouse does not work for view control while TrackIR is connected but disabled (TIR_idle INI varialbe)
  • Forest trees appear as a wall because of same visibility distance
  • Kiowa unstable engine torque
  • Engine over-torque does not cause engine damage
  • No rain effect in AH-64D
  • Wrong fuel indication in large helicopters with default cockpit
  • Controller Autoconfigure feature does not work
  • Clouds pass through without opacity effects (textures flickering still happen)
  • Helicopter explode right after hovering mode is disabled
  • Camera position changed after Esc pressed in Hind

Game music (optional, still in testing stage)

  • new INI values: intro_music, ingame_music, action_music, complete_music
  • one of 3 in-game tracks started when player’s helicopter get in the air (if ingame_music=1), looped
  • one of 3 action tracks started when player became target (if action_music=1), looped
  • one of 3 mission success tracks played once (if complete_music=1)
  • volume can be changed with System Warning notifications level option (temporary)
  • when no music files installed, Music option in settings became disabled and inactive; if you install any music pack after that – this option should be enabled manually
  • game crashes possible; if so, you can: disable one or several ini options, disable music in game settings (front screen, not in-game settings where you can adjust volume), remove /cohokum/audio/MUSIC folder manually


  • landed helicopter bouncing (you can try to force vSync in graphic adapter settings)
  • large objects (like cloud or FARP) disappear near to the edge of viewpoint
  • intro music does not playing
  • music track length limited to 5 minutes

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.16.0

Downloads: 2520
How to install
EECH version required:
Original Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum version (CD or GOG)


  • Now using Direct3D9!
  • OpenAL-Soft used for sound system by default
  • WAV sound files format instead of PCM
  • Multiplayer system minor improvements and fixes
  • Joystic axis state indication at Controls page
  • Infantry patrols and more complicated insertion missions
  • New way of stealth factor calculation for helicopters
  • New High Detailed Trees mod v1.2 (by Soczkien)
  • New Sea Water mod (by Soczkien)
  • New Winter Terrain textures (by Soczkien)
  • Jets Replace mod v1.0 (by Soczkien), Su-34 Fullback presented as Multy-role Fighter



Bug fixes

  • Helicopter overspeed issues
  • Pilot static hand visibility problems in wideview mode
  • Helicopters has wrong heading angle relative to HESCO barriers
  • Russian translation and fonts issues
  • Sprite light texture fixed
  • Suspension dynamics adjustments
  • Encoding joystick axises to UTF-8
  • Load MP servers list regardless masterserver config value.

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.15.4

patch for v1.15.2

Downloads: 431
How to install
EECH version required:

Experimental version with advanced improvements – clickable cockpits, detailed avionics and weapons systems for Mi-24 Hind and AH-64D Apache (both in development stage but playable).
Most of these features are not presented in next EECH version so you may want to try it if you are interested in hardcore simulation. Don’t forget to make separate EECH setup special for this version.


– clickable triggers for common keyboard shortkeys (no advanced MFD controls yet), clickable OH-58D cockpit is available.
– animated interactive objects for OH-58D cockpit, will works even if clickable_cockpit is disabled in EECH.INI
– full support of TrackIR, cockpit wideview and g-force head movement features
– configurable time delays and visual parameters for text hints
– manual cockpit light control for 3D cockpits (Ctrl+V keys, electrics should be turned on)
– dynamic light emitted by screens in the cockpits
– AH64D cockpit affected by environment lights instead of white static light
– minor changes (Kiowa and Viper TrackIR fix, EO visible range increased)
– beam riding and radio control missiles flight path (for AI helicopters there is no LOS or EO limits check), effectiveness against moving targets greatly decreased (depends on moving direction and speed)
– detonation radius for AGM114R set to 0, effectiveness against airborne targets decreased
– throttle control improved for all helis (except Hind) – it’s more accurate if value more than 80% (make possible to avoid engines overheat and get maximum of available torque)
– new avionics level is added: Realistic; EO control limitations was removed from Simple (currently Novice) avionics level, so relative to Average level it gives some bonus for HIDSS/HMS target recognition range and some simplification in Hind’s avionics
– manual laser control improved
– AH64D Apache advanced avionics (based on Arneh’s mod)
– AH64D Apache cockpit high-resolution textures (shared by
– UH-60 Blackhawk cockpit (by Soczkien)
– Projectile weapons for Mi-6 “HOOK” and Ka-29 “HELIX”
– Infantry mod included
– Advanced controls configuration page
– Engines throttle control is possible with joystick axis
– High Detailed Trees mod included (with collision calculations)


– fully clickable and interactive Pilot’s and Operator’s cockpits
– advanced avionics: electrics, fuel, navigation, weapon systems; simulated Pilot’s and Operator’s sights and targeting systems; partially works: radio equipment, engine controls, hydraulics. read instructions for additional information (italic text means this feature is not implemented yet):

– critical threats (SAM, helicopters etc.), reported by copilot, also inserted in targets list

– new special hotkeys added. weapon keys also turns on/off all related to this weapon systems and master arm switch. Ctrl will enable systems, Alt – disable. it does not affect adjustments elements – like range and base knobs, reticle illumination etc. avionics hotkeys also has damage check function – if main electrics device is damaged auxiliary unit will be activated instead. for fuel system – leaking fuel tanks will be isolated.

Avionics hotkeys

Ctrl/Alt + E electrics
Ctrl/Alt + T radio and navigation systems
Ctrl/Alt + U fuel systems
F3 sight control mode
F4 map view mode
Ctrl + Num4/Num6/Num2/Num8 map caret control, works only in map view mode – F4

Weapon systems hotkeys

Ctrl/Alt + 1 Nosegun by Operator
Ctrl/Alt + 2 Nosegun by pilot
Ctrl/Alt + 3 Shturm missiles
Ctrl/Alt + 4 S-5 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 5 S-8 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 6 S-13 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 7 UPK-23 cannon pods

Pilot sight control hotkeys

Ctrl + Numpad5 sight mode toggle (auto/manual)
Numpad3/Numpad9 manual range knob
Numpad1/Numpad7 target base knob
Ctrl + Numpad3/Numpad9 moving reticle illumination
Ctrl + Numpad1/Numpad7 static reticle illumination
Ctrl + Numpad2/Numpad8 manual vertical offset
Ctrl + Numpad4/Numpad6 manual horizontal offset
Ctrl + Numpad-/Numpad+ HUD glass height adjustment
NumpadDEL master arm switch toggle

Operator sight control hotkeys

Ctrl + Numpad5 altitude data switch toggle (radio altimeter/manual)
Numpad3/Numpad9 range knob
Numpad1/Numpad7 target base knob
Ctrl + Numpad2/Numpad8 sight vertical friction (sensitivity)
Ctrl + Numpad4/Numpad6 sight horizontal friction (sensitivity)
Ctrl + Numpad-/Numpad+ manual alt knob
NumpadDEL master arm switch toggle
NumpadMULTIPLIER lanscape type switch toggle
NumpadDIVIDE target type switch toggle
Alt + Numpad5 secondary sight (for oldschool gunners)


– Engines can not be started if rotor brake is engaged
– Shutoff fuel valve handle was used instead rotor brake in OH-58D cockpit
– Cursor in clickable cockpit disappears when any sight system is active, you can turn it back with Shift+DEL keys.

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.15.2

patch for v1.15.0

Downloads: 357
How to install
EECH version required:


– New external models for Mi-24, Mi-17, Mi-6, CH-53, AH-1W, Ka-29;
– Model of CH-47 is improved and has new texture;
– Main rotor blades animation, accurate blades damage;
– Horizontal stabilizer of UH-60, AH-64, Mi-17, Mi-6, Mi-24 is animated;
– Rudder of Ka-50 and Ka-52 is animated (only player’s helicopter);
– Tilt rotors of MV-22 are animated;
– New undercarriage animation mostly for all helicopters (except AH-64 and CH-3);
– New undercarriage animation system based on 3d scene sub-objects animation. To make it work like you want you just need to give proper names for undercarriage parts, make required animations for them and change values in suspension config file for this helicopter;
– Primitive suspension for AI controlled helicopters – wheels are align to ground surface, but if maximum or minimum limit of current gear is reached it doesn’t works;
– Forest trees affected by fog;
– Specular glossiness for textured models;
– New detailed reflection images for different seasons;
– Tweaked smokes (by Zackin5);
– Water textures (by L_Viper);
– AH-1Z updates (by dfang);
– G-force head movement effects improved, visual vibrations added;
– Loadout textures (by civilian);
– New FLIR and LLTV/DTV screens;
– Green NightVision goggles for CIS;
– Rockets muzzle flash animation added;
– New configurable shells tracers;
– Smoke trail visual quality improved;
– Smoke and flame coloring improved;
– New animated ship wakes;
– Aircrafts ground/water collision effects;
– Particles clouds;
– HESCO barriers (by messyhead);
– US pilots camo skins (by SKIP2008);

User interface and gameplay

– New campaign start screen;
– Helicopter repairing and refueling progress bar;
– New EO screen symbology for Havoc, Hokum and Blackshark;
– Clickable fuel quantity button at weapon loading page;
– Additional campaigns – Cuba Libre, Cuba Libre 2, Border War (by ricnunes)
– Troops insertion process optimized
– Masterserver connection indicator for session list page (green mark at top left corner)
– New way of stealth factor calculation (radar detection range multiplier) :
* Closed weapons bay (Comanche only) decrease stealth factor 40%
* Detached stub wings (Comanche and Kiowa Warrior) decrease stealth factor 35%
* Raised landing gears (helicopters with retractable gears) decrease stealth factor 10%


– Additional type of collision points added – Stabilizer, Engine and Avionics. Cause corresponding damage;
– Additional points are added to helicopter objects;
– Position of collision points are calculating every frame, collision calculations of moving parts became more accurate;
– Collisions calculating precise increased – it’s not cause false clashes, but works worse with very small objects;
– Collision of moving points (rotor blades) do not stop model but create dynamic force in opposite direction;
– Collision points of main rotors are moving automatically from damaged blade section to previous;
– Damaged undercarriage will still work but has less effectiveness;
– Additional undercarriage point types are added for CH-47 and Ka-29;
– Suspension configs moved to \common\data\suspension folder;
– Interaction of helicopter with water are added;
– Missing collision objects are added for Mi-28, Ka-52, AH-64D, AH-64A, AH1-Z, AH1-W, AH1-T, OH-58;
– Emergency landing counts if model on the ground and rotors not moving
– Comanche tail rotor collision point raise to avoid easy rotor damage.
– Dynamics forward velocity adjustments for most helicopters


– Tail rotor damage enabled;
– Severity of Main rotor/Tail rotor/Stabilizer/Main rotor blade damage is decreased, Engine damage – increased;
– Value of damage repairing delay is different every time;
– Damage can be taken both from land and other object collision. Amount of damage is depends on current velocity and angle to the surface;
– Hard landing can’t cause damage by itself (except undercarriage). If suspension will not able to reduce speed to zero it will be damaged and collision of fixed fuselage points will be calculated;
– Water random damage is added – than longer helicopter staying on water surface than more damage it gets (except CH-47 and CH-53). Engines will be damaged immediately in case of any engine collision with water;
– Repairing cheat has time delay when difficult is HARD;
– Alternative helicopter destruction. Instead of replacing whole model only weapons and pilots are became invisible;
– All aircrafts has armor level (look GWUT file);
– Damage states for aircrafts – mortal damage (30% of damage level left), critical damage (5% of damage level left), smoke appears. damage level decreased about 1 point per second if damage state is mortal, about 8 points per second if damage state is critical (only AI);
– Critical damage state for vehicles (15% of damage level left), vehicle became inactive, damage level decreased about 2 points per second, smoke appears;
– Smooth calculations of armor thickness after weapon impact (both vehicles and aircrafts);
– Main rotor overspeed damage threshold increased
– Repair rotor blades after helicopter was unassigned from Player

Flight model

– Suspension dynamics added for all helicopters;
– Arneh-s flight model became default;
– Reaction force decreased while tail rotor is damaged;
– Smooth damaged rotor vibrations;
– Sideway resistance of landed helicopter is increased;
– Additional cargo weight for supply missions (6000kg for heavy lift helis, 2000kg for medium lift)
– Alternative advanced flight model added;


– Opening of doors is separated for all cargo/assault helicopters;
– View control mod (field of view change by mouse wheel, EO control by POV buttons, AH64D EO targeting bug fixed, smooth mouse EO control etc);
– New EO gyro stabilization (analog system simulation);
– Joystick Force feedback technology support;
– Improved external camera control by TIR;
– Sound notification appears after hover hold was interrupted by player’s controls


– Weapon launch force added;
– Ballistic calculations fixed for unguided weapons, targeting mark added for RED’s helis with default cockpit;
– Targeting mark added for some BLUE’s helis while targeting with Hydra;
– Weapons symbolics fixed for Kiowa;
– Gatling rotating speed fixed;
– Flares and chaff auto launch delay decreased from 10 to 5 second (both for players and AI);
– Chaffs and flares quantity changed almost for all helicopters;
– Chaffs and Flares salvo size increased twice;
– Stinger missiles added for UH-60;
– Ataka missiles added for KA-29;
– Cannon pods added for MI-17;
– Hydra pods added for AH1T and AH1W, Stinger removed;
– 6 M2HB auto cannons and 2 M61A1 (CIWS) added for Tarawa;
– All weapons has unique damage and penetration capabilities;
– Hardball and AP effectiveness decreases with range;
– Explosion splash effectiveness non-linear and depends on type of warhead;
– New warhead types HEDP, MPSM, HEAA (shells with radio proximity fuze);
– Ballistic calculations precision greatly increased, artillery lost capability to use hight ballistic trajectory;
– Switchable weapon payload configs for helicopters with default cockpit;
– Dual-thrust rocket motors support, non-linear fuel consumption;
– All weapon types (include decoy, parachutes etc.) affected by wind;
– Missile guidance lost if no LOS (for active laser, radio command, wire guided weapons, only for players);
– Real time calculations of weapon’s drag force;
– Guided weapons statistics (“guided-missiles-data.txt” file, for GWUT improvement)
– Sight systems target visual recognition range increased
– Hydra pod’s pitch automatically adjusting for Viper, Blackhawk and Kiowa
– EO visibility and recognition range increased (up to 9.5km)
– Blackhawk-s HMS recognition range increased from 2500 to 3000 meters
– EO tracking point position can be controlled by mouse while locked on ground point
– Client’s weapon delay value using for ballistic calculations (Client side)
– Compensate Client’s cannon rate of fire limit by increasing damage value (Server side)
– HMS possible (not guaranteed) recognition range of airborne targets increased.
– -Previous target- button (Shift+NUM0) switched with -Previous designated target- button (Ctrl+NUM0)


– Engage target priority depends on it’s range
– Jet pilot’s ejecting after being critically damaged (by magitek)
– Improved weapon class filtering for aircrafts and vehicles
– Group of aircrafts will abort mission and return home if one of the members get mortal damage (main mission priority should be less than 5.0), after landing aircraft will be repaired
– Airplanes and jets movement improved (by magitek)
– Rearming of vehicle’s weapon does not make other arms inactive
– Player’s priority value depends on difficulty level – for EASY difficult level AI helicopters will be engaged by enemy first, Player’s helicopter last

EECH.INI changes

new values for “high_lod_hack” string
new string “eo_models_quality”
new value for “flight_model” string
new string “max_smoke_time”
new string “smoke_optimization”
“render_tree_shadows” renamed in “render_shadows”, new value appears
new string “forcefeedback”
new string “ffb_dynamics”
new string “ffb_vibrations”
new string “ffb_recoil”
new string “advanced_mfd”
new value for “camcom” string
new string “saves_copies”
new string “trees_fog”
new string “radio_msgs_noise”
new string “debug_show_damage”
new string “debug_damage_invulnerable”
new string “debug_log”
new strings “reverse_cyclic”
new string “cockpit_vibrations”
new string “flyby_timer_multiplier”
new string “cheats_on”
new string “blurred_rotor_blades”
“ui_sounds_muted” default value changed from 1 to 0
“user_invulnerable_time” default value changed from 5 to 1
“chaff_effectiveness” default value changed from 1.0 to 0.5
“flare_effectiveness” default value changed from 1.0 to 0.5
“night_light_level” default value changed from 1.0 to 0.8
“mfr” default value changed from 30 to 60
“russian_nvg_no_ir” default value changed from 0 to 1
“autosave” default value changed from 0 to 30
“comms_packet_data_size” default value increased from 512 to 640
*** ATTENTION: if comm server crashed right after client player logged into the game you should increase comms_packet_data_size value both for client and server ***


– Pilot/copilot hand visible wile in the Wideview mode (Hokum/Kiowa/Comanche)
– Nonlinear cyclic and pedals EECH.INI stings doesn’t work
– Cockpit camera moving wile Player in the planner mode
– Player-s avionics damage doesn’t saving before helicopter is unassigned
– Comanche-s stub wings appears after saved game was loaded, affects stealth factor calculation
– Conventional munitions weapon doesn’t cause damage if munitions wasn’t ejected
– Conventional munitions weapons doesn’t work for Client
– Airborne helicopter’s rotor RPM is zero after it was assign to player
– Illogical HUD names for Hellfires
– AI helicopters (include autopilot) has no velocity limit
– Unreadable axis names at controls config page (localized drivers)
– Collision point continues to create collision effects even if it doesn’t move (main rotor blade etc.)

GWUT changes


new values “tracer_color”, “tracer_fire_time”, “final_weight”, “flightpath_deviation”,
“boost_power”, “sustain_power”, “sustain_time”, “diameter”, “detonation_radius”, “rearming_time”, “max_altitude”

removed “max_range_loal”, “min_range_loal”


new value “armor_level”


new value “armor_level”

EXPLOS changes

new values “motion_vector_pitch” and “particle_generator_lifetime” for particles

SMOKES changes

“Wind affected” value became modifier

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.15.0

Downloads: 511
How to install
EECH version required:
Original Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum version (CD or GOG)


  • OH-58D Kiowa Warrior cockpit and external (by Soczkien)
  • AH-1Z Viper cockpit (by dfang)
  • UH-60 Blackhawk external (by Soczkien)
  • Ka-50 cockpit (unfinished) (by Soczkien)
  • Hind moving map carret
  • New map – Europe (by Soczkien)
  • Clouds puffs (by Soczkien)
  • Newer sound effects (by Doctor_Wibble)
  • Additional UI screens (by dfang)
  • Added support of WAV files (mono PCM, 8 and 16 bits, any sane frequency)
  • Improved explosions import

Bug fixes

  • Fixed payload for Blackhawk
  • No crush while displaying destroyed Yak or Falcon
  • Preserving proportions of background screens for wide displays
  • No test of video modes on enumeration

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

allMods pack v1.13.0

Downloads: 522
How to install
EECH version required:
Original Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum version (CD or GOG)


  • Viper is a new and flyable helicopter (by dfang)
  • Improved data export (UDP- and SIOC-compatible ways)
  • In-cockpit sound volumes are adjusted (by Colonel_Kurtz)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed low frame rate in Hind cockpit with the map enabled (map is not moving again)
  • Textures are unloaded always now.
  • Returned “heading follow mode” for chase camera.
  • Added MFD, HUD and arming screen names for TOWs.

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

5 feedbacks on allMods pack

I’ve recently downloaded the allmods installer but everytime I’ve tried to open it I get an .NET Framework error with an unhandled exception “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Everything is up to date to include. NET Framework

Are there any fixes for this error?

hi .
is it possible to make the ka52 have the real capacity of wing hardpoints?
in the game it has 2 under each wing but the real ka52 has 3 hardpoints under each wing

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