EECH ver1.16.1 is out!

After long break, new EECH version was released! You can find additional information here.

Short list of improvements:


  • Missing Mi-28 cockpit instruments added (by messyhead)
  • Missing Ka-50 cockpit instruments added (by messyhead & Banita)
  • Ka-50 cockpit model and textures improvments (by Viper)
  • Ka-50N Night Shark upgrade with FLIR, the MFD video contrast upgrade (by Javelin)
  • Flight model improvements (by Javelin)
  • Hovering modes fixes and improvements (by Javelin)
  • Simple realism restrictions removed (radars and EO can be used)
  • Manual cockpit light in 3D cockpits
  • SAM radar scan floor changed to cone
  • Weapons added: Mi-6 12.7mm gun, Ka-29 GSH23L 23MM cannon pods
  • Helicopter fuel amount calculation after mission started
  • Difficulty and realism adjustments (check Realism)
  • Blade stall effect replacement
  • New INI variables/values: dyad, masterserver, unbind_jbuttons, intro_music, ingame_music, action_music, complete_music,
  • TIR_idle
  • Wheels power steering for CH-46 / CH-47
  • Ingame music in WAV format

Bug fixes

  • The MFD Export issues
  • The joystick Deadband
  • Wrong helicopters weapon angles
  • FARP object damage tail rotor
  • Masterserver connection error
  • AI helicopters does not consume fuel
  • Mouse does not work for view control while TrackIR is connected but disabled
  • Forest trees appear as a wall because of same visibility distance
  • Kiowa unstable engine torque
  • Engine over-torque does not cause engine damage
  • No rain effect in AH-64D
  • Wrong fuel indication in large helicopters with default cockpit
  • Controller Autoconfigure feature does not work
  • Clouds pass through without opacity effects (textures flickering still happen)
  • Helicopter explode right after hovering mode was disabled
  • Camera position changed after Esc pressed in Hind

5 feedbacks on EECH ver1.16.1 is out!

All the Ka-50’s are N variants now?, or we need to do something else?

Hi. Sorry, only mods here. You can get EECH from GOG and then install allMods via installer from here really easely.

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