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Poland map + Airfields+ City buildings

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Conflicts with: Airfields

Here’s brand new map for EECH

Like I described before – it’s located at Polish / Slovakian border.

Installation on fresh installed 1.16.1

2. DELETE 1 file -> graphics/textures/general/diffuse.tga

Poland map + Airfields+ City buildings v1.4

Downloads: 1011
How to install
EECH version required:
1.16.1, 1.16.2

Features 1.0:

– real terrain elevation shape
– 2 available seasons (summer & winter)
– 7 types of single buildings and 2 types of 100m x 100m blocks buildings , all buildings are destroyable
– winter roof textures for those buildings
– 30 cities – mostly 2-3 sectors (2048m x 2048m)
– one big road system for ground units
– 4 terrain textures 2048×2048 and 3 cities textures (2048×2048) matched for those terrains. Textures made from google earth from this region.
– 1.3 mln trees on map
– blue side 4 airfields, red side 5 airfields
– tested for hours on x10 time acceleration

Features 1.2

-added trees in cities
– reworked 3d and reskinned used buildings
– reworked all terrain and cities 2048×2048 textures – corrected shadows brightness and overall quality
– more trees
– lot of another changes i can’t remember smile
– Animated trees + grass mod included

Plans for future:
– release source files
– add some lakes & rivers
– more campaigns

Features 1.3

A lot of new buildings
Rebuilded 3x Blue side Airports, 4x Red Side airports
Hesco farps Heavy and light version for both sides
Lot of another changes, optimizations etc.

How to install

* If you have any problems with allMods installer, you can download mod archive and extract it into game folder manually, but it's not recommended

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